Why all this paperwork?

To establish an attorney and client relationship, it is compulsory that you enter into a written mandate with our firm.  As a firm of attorneys, we also need to comply with the provisions of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (“FICA”).

What is FICA?

FICA is a legal framework established to fight financial crime such as money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, terrorist financing activities and to identify theft. Attorneys are defined as accountable institutions in terms of FICA and must therefore comply with Act. To be compliant means that we need to establish and verify the client’s identity in accordance with the requirements of FICA.

Our Mandate:

Our mandate sets out the terms and conditions under which the attorney will render professional legal services to yourself, the client.

To establish an attorney/client-relationship, the client must therefore complete and sign our mandate and fee agreement.

FICA requires that a client’s personal details are updated from time to time and specifically concerning entities such as Companies, Trusts, Bodies Corporate, etc. where members/trustees/directors may change.

We are POPI compliant. Furnishing personal information required for FICA purposes is a statutory requirement and not a breach of the provisions of the POPI Act.  

Should you require any further clarity, please consult the attorney dealing with your matter.

FICA Submission

    In what capacity are you submitting this form? PART A: Particulars of Client (Must be completed by or on behalf of all clients)

    Citizenship:* Are you, a family member or a close associate:
    Proof of residence to be attached

    Matrimonial Regime In community of propertyAntenuptial contract (with accrual)Antenuptial contract (without accrual)

    Banking details for receipt of funds:
    Proof of bank account details to be attached Source of income/wealth*

    PART B: Particulars of Entity (Must be completed in respect of all Entities) Are you VAT registered?

    By submitting this information you warrant that it is correct and that you have due authority to submit same on behalf of the person whose information is required. You furthermore acknowledge that the FICA requirements herewith submitted are general requirements and that further information may be requested from you and that same shall be provided without delay to ensure complete FICA compliance: